Wiffleball Quilt

I’ve been wanting to make a wiffleball themed quilt for Steve for a while and got super-ambitious and tried to do it for Father’s Day this past June. That didn’t work out. Between the Harry Potter quilt, the new grandchild and other life-related delays, it got started but never finished in time. I really wanted to finish it before the end of wiffleball season, an made it by one day!

One of the reasons I never got around to making him a quilt earlier was the color scheme. His team is the Reds and of course red would be the dominant color; but every quilt I thought about was red and white and looked like a valentine quilt. I also wanted something kind of manly looking, or at least not feminine, and it was to be sturdy and forgiving with regards to showing dirt. After all, it could very well wind up being thrown around on the ground, in a car trunk, or being rained on.

Finally I found it. I came across a red and black buffalo plaid pattern that fit all my criteria and was really easy too.

Buffalo Check Quilt Pattern

Such a simple design offers some opportunity for creativity. I thought I might add his number and his team nickname (I’m not going there) on a couple of blocks, but was going to stick to the basic plan.

Well, life happened as it tends to, and the quilt got put in a box and was never finished for father’s day. Meanwhile, the Minneapolis Star Tribune did a feature on his wiffleball league that included some pretty nice pictures of Steve and his teammates as well as the whole league. A friend of mine suggested I incorporate those in the quilt, which seemed like a good idea to me. I printed a couple of them on some quilting fabric and added them to the design. Also, while I was putting off the quilt, Steve won his 100th game (pitching). So I got a great name for the quilt: “100 Wins”.

For the backing I used a lightweight canvas — something to withstand possibly being thrown on grass, dirt or even rocks. To keep it light and fairly weather-resistant, as well as toasty warm, I used 100% polyester batting, a first for me. I figured if it got wet it wouldn’t absorb anywhere near the water cotton batting would, and would dry more quickly and not get moldy.

I quilted it with a staggered repeat of REDS which I found at Intelligent Quilting.com. For the binding I matched the red (after all that is the team’s name) and inserted 6″ pieces of black between every length of red. I like the way it added a little movement to the binding and plan to use that trick again.

Fabric: Bella Solids by Moda in Country Red and Black,

Batting: Quilter’s Dream poly in black.

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