Christmas Gifts 2018

Hand made gifts for Chrismas


Holiday 2018 Non-Gift Sewing

I did some home decor upgrades for the holidays this year, including a holiday quilt that should go into January, new throw pillows and some smaller quilting projects.

Autumn Table Cover

I've been looking for a table for our entryway for years, literally.  Finally I found one that was a design I liked, a color I liked and fit in the space.  But it looked too bare and needed some quilting on it.  The table runner I made for Halloween looked really good on it, but... Continue Reading →

Magical Pouches

After receiving the bags I made for her birthday, Rachel shared a picture of them with a friend who is an even bigger Harry Potter nerd than she is.  The friend told her I needed to open an Etsy shop and she would buy everything in it.  That is not going to happen.  I had... Continue Reading →

Halloween Treats

Last year we were in Hamilton, MO visiting the Missouri Star Quilt Company, or what is affectionately known as "Disneyland for Quilters".  Steve was very patient while I explored all 13 quilt shops that comprise the MSQC.  In the holiday shop I picked up a charm pack (stack of 42 coordinated 5" cuts of fabric)... Continue Reading →

Housewarming Gift

Our neighbors of over 20 years moved last month to a lake front home not too far away.  I wanted to give them a handmade housewarming gift but nothing too big, so I went with a table runner.  I used my Alison Glass Sunprints from the rainbow wedding quilt I made last spring paired with... Continue Reading →

Birthday Bags

Last May I picked up a piece of fabric that replicated the Marauder's Map from the Harry Potter books (non HP nerds need not worry about the terminology).  I used it as a table cover for Kyle's graduation party, but knew I'd find other uses for it after the party.  A few weeks ago Rachel... Continue Reading →

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