Picnic Tote

We've been frequent visitors and members of Alexis Bailey Vineyard for a few years. The first winery in Minnesota, it's a fun place to take a drive, have some wine and a picnic, and perhaps catch some live music if you go at the right time. This winter they started something new: Wine Bingo. On... Continue Reading →


Warm and Cuddly

When I first made my Home for the Holidays quilt last year, I was hoping for a really warm quilt. At the time, in early December it seemed pretty warm, but would it be enough when our Minnesota temperatures plummeted? In January one of my favorite local quilt hangouts, Bear Patch Quilting, closed its doors... Continue Reading →

Stars Hollow

Michelle and I are both huge Gilmore Girls fans so when I saw a quilt pattern named Stars Hollow I knew I had to make one for her. I'm not sure how I found the backing fabric on Etsy -- probably a search for Stars Hollow or Gilmore Girls. I know I wasn't explicitly looking... Continue Reading →

After the Holidays

I always feel a little let down after removing all my holiday decorations.  The house seems so dull and at this time of year, the outside isn't helping.  We've had hardly any snow this year, which makes for a less messy winter but so drab.  It was time for some non-holiday table color.  I had... Continue Reading →

Autumn Table Cover

I've been looking for a table for our entryway for years, literally.  Finally I found one that was a design I liked, a color I liked and fit in the space.  But it looked too bare and needed some quilting on it.  The table runner I made for Halloween looked really good on it, but... Continue Reading →

Magical Pouches

After receiving the bags I made for her birthday, Rachel shared a picture of them with a friend who is an even bigger Harry Potter nerd than she is.  The friend told her I needed to open an Etsy shop and she would buy everything in it.  That is not going to happen.  I had... Continue Reading →

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